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Managing Partner

Known as a creative, energetic, and flexible professional with 15 years broad legal expertise in civil litigation and appellate practice grounded upon 16 years of expertise in finance and project management with General Electric and Lockheed Martin including operations analysis, overhead functional cost control, compliance, contract negotiation, program management, capital investment, policy development and human resources, Ms. Hallisky has successfully utilized her unique expertise in consolidations, mergers and business transitions within complex government and high technology engineering environments.

Her diverse experience is supported by degrees in political science, Master of Business Administration, and Juris Doctorate in law from Stetson University. She is admitted to practice law in Florida generally, including Federal Court in the Middle District of Florida and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia.

She is an experienced and GE-trained financial manager who possesses enhanced mediation and negotiation skills supported by 15 years of practical legal expertise and general civil litigation in public interest law; public guardianship; federal housing regulations; employment discrimination & labor law; personal injury; worker’s compensation; retaliation; contracts; fraud; patent, trademark & entertainment; family; trust and estate law. She is an independently motivated leader and team player dedicated to bringing high -quality results to her clients while adhering to the highest ethical standards.



Managing Partner

New challenges are what drive Mr. Davis forward. From developing new methodologies in transmitting data from orbit to ground stations; programming cell phone towers; working on spectrographic equipment; rapid field development, or generating an interactive website to streamline sales directly to delivery trucks for a wine distributor, and practicing law, there are few challenges this attorney will not confront.

Licensed to practice in Florida generally and in the Federal Court in the Middle District of Florida, Mr. Davis transitioned from science to law. As a solo practitioner, Mr. Davis jumped into legal aid service and was quickly recognized locally, by the Florida Supreme Court, the Florida Bar, and even the President of the United States.

His practice areas include landlord-tenant and housing matters in general; family law including parental kidnapping; international law; contracts; wills and probate matters; and general civil law. His software firm generates online applications with a focus on making businesses more efficient. His experience is enhanced by a degree in Engineering Physics, a Masters Degree in Physics, and a Juris Doctorate in Law.

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Artificial General Assistant

Debuting in 2018, Sparx has been critical in enhancing firm-client communication, drafting common legal documents, and learning a vast repertoire of additional skills over time. Sparx started on a remote secured server, initially taking standard input from staff  - and later from clients. 

Sparx has transitioned into a full voice assistant with a broad range of skills that help the attorneys and staff work more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Taking voice commands from the attorneys and staff, Sparx can tell the date; time; search the web for information; joke; give data about the weather at its current location; play videos on Youtube; draft legal documents; email clients, opposing counsel, and judicial assistants; calculate simple physical relationships; analyze images and videos; and interact with government agencies who provide useful APIs.

The current goal for Sparx is to become the first artificial family law mediator in the State of Florida.



Artificial Legal Assistant

Ruth is a child program of Sparx. It is a voice assistant taking verbal commands from the firm attorneys and staff. While Ruth is capable of utilizing the assistance of Sparx, it is particularly focused on legal work for the firm and is rapidly being developed into a family law legal assistant.

Ruth is more than capable of keeping track of thousands of unique cases, deadlines, drafting documents, reminding users of tasks that need to be completed, and communicating with key players in a case for its users.

The current goal of Ruth is to leave the confines of its development platform and transfer itself to multiple computers to assist more people practicing in Florida Family Law.

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