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Experience Excellence

"I will never reject, from any consideration personal to myself, the cause of the defenseless or oppressed, or delay anyone’s cause for lucre or malice." This is the last item that each attorney vows to abide by when they take the Oath of Attorney in Florida.

Fresh on the heels of watching our old firm win the 2018 Law Firm Pro Bono Commendation from the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court, the partners decided to spin off a new firm. This carries with them a renewed sense of purpose and excitement moving forward whether it be in Probate, Family Law, Guardianship, or any other field we practice.

Hallisky Davis & Associates, P.L. is designed to capitalize on the knowledge, experience, and lessons learned from running a small law firm. Our goal is to begin anew. We have streamlined the process to ensure better, more affordable access to justice for incoming clients. 

We will continue to study methods and practices to bring pro-bono services to those unable to afford the services of an attorney. Our goal is not to make token attempts to assist the working poor but to find high-impact solutions to provide access to justice on as large a scale as possible.

The statement quoted above is the last part of the Oath of Attorney, but to our attorneys, it is the most important portion of the Oath. An attorney who focuses primarily on the accumulation of wealth is but a shadow of what he or she could accomplish as a human being.

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