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The following links will take you to another page that will allow you to fill out portions of legal documents related to certain legal practice areas. The idea is to provide as many people as possible with access to legal documents to help them in their practice areas or cases. Whether these documents are appropriate or not is something that you will have to determine on your own. If you are not an attorney and choose to use these resources, then any confusion you may have should inspire you to seek out the advice of a Florida Bar licensed attorney. All of these documents are meant to be used for Florida cases only. None of these documents create an attorney-client relationship between Hallisky Davis & Associates, Hallisky & Davis, or any other affiliated firm or business. Finally, the year these programs were drafted or last updated is listed. You should consider this in the event you have any questions about updates in the law.

Landlord-Tenant Law - Military

General Law Practice (Internal Use Only)

Family Law Supplemental Petition

Family Law CSGW - DOR

Family Law Financial Affidavit

Family Law Notice

Family Law Agreement

Landlord-Tenant Notice

Landlord-Tenant Notice

Landlord-Tenant Complaint

Housing & Property Law Deed

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