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Voice Assistants, the Future of Law

by Jimmy Allen Davis, Esquire

March 17, 2022

How will voice assistants change the legal industry? The AI revolution has already begun, and it is time to take notice! This short article explores how voice assistants are slowly becoming part of our everyday life, how they will revolutionize the legal industry in the near future, and how you can start taking advantage of them now to make your life easier.

There is a big push to use voice assistants as consumer-facing AI products like Alexa and Siri. Chances are, you are already using them at home. When will they join our legal departments? More importantly, how will they change how we interact with law? I speculate on what’s possible in 10 years.


Legal professionals can use voice assistants to quickly and easily retrieve information on how specific case laws are applicable to certain situations. This could increase efficiency in office practices, allowing legal professionals to better serve their clients. However, consumer-facing AI products (soft-AI voice assistants) are not focused on academic areas of interest such as law, medicine, science, or engineering.

Appropriately designed: a lawyer could request a voice assistant email a client standard messages; draft notices, discovery, pleadings, and motions which are standard and unaltering throughout most cases; schedule hearings with JAs; or even provide mediation services between parties. As conversational agents continue to evolve, expect these devices to become even more integral parts of our lives.

At Hallisky Davis & Associates, our in-house developed AIs are already interacting with lawyers and clients. Client-facing web forms gather information and generate all standard forms to save time. We are starting with Family law, but plan on expanding our AIs into other legal fields. Lawyer facing voice-assistants interact with the website to relay information to clients in the blink of an eye. We believe that the future is already here but needs some tweaking. Soon enough, we will release our AI products into the Florida market for attorneys and pro-se litigants and hopefully, law in this state will never be the same.


Sparx is the beginning, the prototype AI Voice assistant for the firm. All of the ideas start here and trickle out to the child AIs meant for distribution outside of the law firm. Dabbling in just about all skill sets, Sparx is the definition of an AI with many skills but a master of none. 

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