Family Law Mediation Services

Jimmy Davis is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator operating in Volusia County. Staying within the stated mission of the firm, Family Law Mediation services are being offered at rates designed to make private mediation more accessible to family law litigants in the area.

Couple in Mediation

Flat Rate - Set Hours

Litigants who qualify for a referral to county mediation services pay $180.00 per person per three-hour session with the mediator.

Litigants who do not qualify for a referral to county mediation services pay $350.00 per three-hour session with the mediator.

Session time must be paid at the start of the mediation. Sessions are scheduled on a first-come, first served basis. A good faith estimate of the time required to mediate must be proposed. Sessions that run over time will be continued to the next available time slot.

Weekend, Late Hours, Remote & Emergency Mediation Services

Due to work scheduling conflicts and other issues, mediation during regular business hours is sometimes very inconvenient to one or more of the litigants. Mediation time is available on a limited basis for weekends, late hours, and emergencies. An additional $75.00 per person per session for these time slots will be assessed.